Peel Liqueur began as a homegrown operation started by a group of friends and family who produced their own batches of limoncello. Gianfranco DiDomenico and Angelo Mastrodomenico are co-founders of the company which now has a distillery in Ashford.

The two shared a few recipes on the Fox CT Morning Extra including their “CosmoPEELitan,” the “Limon-Punch Sour Jack” and the “Blue A-PEEL.”

After exchanging the liqueurs among each other as gifts, DiDomenico and Mastrodomenico were encouraged to produce their product on a larger scale. They recently were a 2013 Double Gold Winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

In addition to making cocktails & desserts, Peel Limoncello can also be used for cooking with meat and poultry.

Dessert cookies courtesy of Darcie Finley.

Peel Limoncello Cookies recipe
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Peel Limoncello Macaroons recipe
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