Peel Limoncello

The one that started it all… Limoncello, sometimes called Lemoncello, is a specialty liqueur made from fresh lemon peel. Our Limoncello is from a family recipe originally located in a small town off the Amalfi coast in Southern Italy. It’s all-natural and hand-made using Grade A lemons from California. It has less sugar than other brands and uses no artificial colors or sweeteners. Limoncello is also gluten-free.

Peel Limoncello can be enjoyed chilled, on the rocks or mixed with your favorite vodka to make the perfect martini as well as baking a special dish in your kitchen.

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“A classic… highly recommended. Socially on the rocks or enjoyed relaxing after dinner, I’ll take it any way!”
~ Anonymous
“It’s not just a pretty bottle, it’s a very good Limoncello, if not the best.”
~ Eatdrinkandbemerry
“… it starts with the aroma of fresh lemons, then smooth flavor of perfection.”
~ Annie B
“OMG! This is def my new drink of the summer!”
~ ilovepeel

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