Peel Cremoncello

Cremoncello is a lemon and cream infusion, a creamy version of the original Peel Limoncello. It has a mild and velvety taste, softer on the pallet than our Limoncello. Enjoy it chilled, on the rocks, as a baking ingredient in your kitchen or simply pour it over gelato to make a spectacular dessert. Peel Cremoncello is a great substitute for Bailey’s Irish Cream as well as other cream based liqueurs. Cremoncello is also gluten-free.

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“Goodbye Bailey’s, hello Cremoncello!”
~ Darcie F
“…with the cream, hint of lemon and the smooth bite, so, so good!”
~ Debbie Jones
“I love Cremoncello mixed with most anything around the holidays, it’s quickly made it’s way into our Christmas Eve party tradition.”
~ Linda Giuliano
“Have you tried it on ice cream? It’s awesome!!!”
~ Jim Consalvo
“Ok, I may be a bit biased already being a lover of mudslides, white russians and other creamy drinks but I gotta say… this stuff is gooood”
~ likeitorloveit09

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