New World Appeal

All-natural Peel Limoncello, Bananacello and Cremoncello are fine Italian Liqueurs produced from first generation Italians in Connecticut. Peel Liqueur started as a home grown operation by a group of friends who would craft their own batches of Limoncello and exchange with each other during the holidays. After much encouragement and lots of Peel tastings, the small operation has now evolved into a award-winning company that’s proudly producing Connecticut’s Own, all-natural, hand-made liqueurs using the highest quality ingredients available.

ALL-NATURAL — Peel Liqueur products contain NO artificial sweeteners or flavorings and only uses the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. They are produced in small batches and hand-made for intense, smooth flavor. All of our Peel products are gluten-free.

AWARD-WINNING — Peel Liqueur was a Double-Gold winner in the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Some of the entrants included Absolut, Bacardi and Bailey’s just to name a few. Peel's Bananacello also won a bronze award for it's unique bottle design.

CONNECTICUT'S OWN — It all comes together at a distillery in Ashford, CT. This is the final step to our old world recipe, with a new world appeal. We use only high quality products from start to finish.