Peel Liqueur wins big at 14th Annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition — again!


New Britain, Conn.-At the 14th Annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Peel Liqueurs won a double gold for their Peel Bananacello, silver for Peel Limoncello and a bronze for Peel Cremoncello. All natural and gluten free, Peel Liqueurs is award winning, locally handcrafted using a family recipe from first generation Italians, right here in Connecticut.

This prestigious competition is considered to be the rite of passage for top quality spirits judged by the world’s top professional palates. It has gained a reputation as the leading gauge for spirits trends. “It’s rewarding to see our commitment to quality recognized,” said co-founder Gianfranco DiDomenico. “Our distillery has been working meticulously with us to improve and fine tune the recipe. We are using traditional distilling while introducing modern techniques that enhance the process so we can deliver the most exceptional quality.”

Just to put things into perspective, a few years ago P-Diddy won a double gold for his vodka. “What Diddy did in the vodka category we did in the cordial category” said DiDomenico. Without naming any names, Peel Bananacello beat out some of the most well known liqueurs in the world. Peel Liqueurs has more than one thing in common with the media mogul. Anyone who has seen the Fiat commercial with P-Diddy won’t be seeing a mirage if they spot the Yellow Peel Mobile driving around Connecticut.

Peel Liqueurs began as a homegrown operation started by DiDomenico and Angelo Mastrodomenico. Their ‘bromance’ began 15 years ago when the two met at a soccer game. In addition to sports, they shared the same passion for authentic liqueurs. Gianfranco and Angelo made their own batches of Limoncello in their kitchens then exchanged with each other during the holidays. After much encouragement, and lots of Peel tastings, the small operation evolved into the company it is today and they are proud to produce an all natural, gluten free product made in a distillery in Ashford, CT using the highest quality fresh fruits available.

“The name Peel actually makes perfect sense” said Mastrodomenico. “Most people don’t realize Limoncello is made from the lemon peels.” The machine used to make Peel was shipped from Italy. That was the easiest part. Next was the long process of getting permission from the government, sourcing ingredients and getting distribution. “I’ll never forget the first time I saw our product on the shelf at a liquor store” said Mastrodomenico. “I still have the receipt!”

Peel Liqueurs’ are more than just your after-dinner, stodgy spirit cocktail. Limoncello, Bananacello and Cremoncello can be enjoyed alone or mixed with a variety of cocktails and recipes. “Peel Liqueurs… an old school taste with a new world face.”

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