CT's Own, award-winning, all-natural, gluten free Peel Limoncello, Peel Bananacello and Peel Cremoncello are produced in small batches and hand made for intense smooth flavor. Peel Limoncello, Bananacello and Cremoncello liqueurs may be enjoyed as an after-dinner digestivo, a chaser for espresso or as part of your favorite cocktail.



Holidays/Special Occasions

Peel-Nog Latte (As see on WFSB’s Better Connecticut)

2 oz. Peel Bananacello or Peel Cremoncello
Espresso – or your favorite coffee
4 oz. eggnog
Candy cane

Add Peel Bananacello or Peel Cremoncello and egg nog to your favorite […]

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Elf-Tini (As see on WFSB’s Better Connecticut)

3 oz. Peel Cremoncello
1 oz. crème de menthe
Chocolate syrup – drizzle around inside of glass

Drizzle chocolate syrup over martini glass. Pour Peel Cremoncello and crème […]

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One Love Martini

1½ oz. Peel Bananacello
1½ oz. Rum Chata®
Chocolate syrup

Mix Peel Bananacello and Rum Chata into a shaker with 3 oz. of ice. Drizzle chocolate syrup over […]

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Love on the Rocks

1½ oz. Peel Limoncello
1½ oz. vodka
Soda water
Cranberry juice

Mix Peel Limoncello and your favorite vodka in a shaker with 3 oz. of ice. Top with a […]

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Peel Limoncello Kiss (As see on WFSB’s Better Connecticut)

1 oz. Peel Limoncello
3 oz. champagne
Berries or lemon rind

Fill the glass three quarters of the way to the top with chilled dry champagne. Top off […]

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Sex-a-Peel Martini

1 oz. Peel Cremoncello
1 oz. of your favorite vodka
Splash of cranberry juice

Mix Peel Cremoncello, vodka and cranberry juice into a shaker with 3 oz. ice. Pour […]

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